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11th of September, 2006:

From April, 2005 to September, 2006 the entire website had be completely overhauled. It was a huge undertaking. At times I was wondering, how much longer. Now at the point when I will upload the overhauled website, I am glad that I had decided to do it. I will be easier to maintain. If I do change sections, then I don't have to change the main links near the banner for every single page, which on previous occasions, I had to do. It will be a much easier for site visitors to navigate, and allowing site visitors to know where they are within the site. Lucky Hunting!


Wisbech and the Fenlands has grown from what was just an index of some marriages for the parish of Wisbech St. Peter to how this site appears today. I never imaged that it would become so big. Along the way it has been added to, new sections have appeared.

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