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Welcome to the site visitor's submission page. This is where site visitors can submit various genealogical records or information that will later be added to the various pages that I have genealogical records or information. This range from the Indexes and Transcripts pages, or for large submissions, even on the Parishes page (i.e. the 1891 Census for Moulton). There are two ways to submit genealogical records or information. They are:
  • A simple form submission (the form is below), where you can submit small amounts of Parish records or Census records or even Surnames.
  • For large data submissions of Parish records and Census records or other Genealogical information please email me at the email address shown on the Contact page, the link for which is above. In the first instance, please send me an introductory email with no attachments.

On the issue of Copyright. What you submit here will be reformatted into an index, thus negating Copyright infringement. If you wish to submit a transcript, you need to seek permission from the owner of the copyright owner (the Church) and if viewed by means of microfilm or microfiche, the owner of the reproductions (the LDS). There are some records that are public domain, such as the English census, monumental inscriptions.

Since I don't live in England, I don't have access to large segments of Parish records that are only available at a few places in the Counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire in England. So to those that have or will travel to these Counties for research or are local to the these Counties, this is an invitation to share such Parish Records on the internet via this website. Below are a list of Parishes and Parish Records which are only available in England.


  • Tydd St. Giles, CAM (Parish Register)
  • Parson Drove, CAM (Parish Register)
  • Newton (in the Isle), CAM (Parish Register)


  • Emneth, NFK (Parish Register)
  • Outwell, NFK (Parish Register)
  • Stow Bardolph (Parish Register)
  • Terrington St. John, NFK (Parish Register)
  • Upwell, NFK (Parish Register)
  • Walpole St. Peter (Bishop's Transcripts)
  • Walsoken, NFK (Parish Register)
  • Wiggenhall St. Germans, NFK (Parish Register)

This old form has been removed to avoid the many spam form submsission I was receiving. About 3,000 every month and only ten were from humans and not a Spambot computer. I'm sorry about the form on the left of the page, will be fixed.

After you give a Place and Description below please just enter as below with the comma seperating each field:

1756,Mary Ann,Johnson,John,,Mary,
(Year, Given Name(s), Surname, Father's Given Name, blank space, Mother's Given Name, blank space)

1756,Mary Ann,Johnson,John,Smith,Mary,John,illegitimage
(Year, Given Name(s), Surname, Father's Given Name, Father's Surname, Mother's Given Name, Mother's Surname, Comment)

1812,John,Brown,Aged 79
(Year, Given Names, Surname, Age)

1630,Jacobus,Marshall,Elizabetha,Ward (Year, Groom's Given Names, Groom's Surname, Bride's Given Names, Bride's Surname)

If four fields appear just enter as many records as you like but each submission must have the same ammount of fields. After each line, please do a hard enter for a new line. Thank you.

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