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This Surname and Subject List is provided to assist researchers in getting in contact with other researchers, who are researching the same surnames or subjects in the Wisbech area of England.

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ADDAMSADAMSWhaplode DrovePre 1870 a0008
ALLCOCKJohnGuyhirn & Parson Drove1790+ a0008
BAILEYBAYLEYWhaplode Drove1800-1900 a0008
BEAGLES Any in South Lincs1700-1900 a0008
BECK Wisbech St. Peter1839-1854 a0005
BEST March1830-1930a0003
CAMPS Walsoken1700-1850a0006
DENNISRobert & Mary Ann(e)Parson Drove 1830-1853a0010
DOWNEYDOWNY, DOWNIELittleport1810-1860 a0002
EASONESSONHolbeach & Whaplode Drove1650-1900 a0008
ELLERDMary & father JosephWisbech St Mary? 1733-1800a0008
FISHER Wisbech1880-1910a0007
FROST Walsoken1800-1841a0006
FRUSHER Wisbech area1685+a0001
GRIFFITHS West Walton1700-1800a0001
GROVES March/Benwick area1700-1800 a0003
HELLENSHEALANDSWhaplode Drove1750-1800 a0008
HOOD Gedney & Holbeach1700-1850 a0008
HOWES Elm1690+a0001
JOHNSONJohn or EdwardIsleham, Wisbech & Walsoken1680+ a0004
KINGERLEY Parson Drove & Leverington1720-1820a0008
LAVENDER Terrington St. Clement1700+a0001
MARKHAM Terrington St. Clement & Sutton St. Edmund1759+a0001
MARSHALL Elm, Emneth1700-1800a0001
OSTLEROSLERWest Walton & Walsoken1784+a0001
PHENIX Whaplode Drove1700-1800a0008
STRATTON March1700-1800a0003
THORPTHORPETerrington St. Clements1750-1900 a0009
WILSON Terrington St. Clementpre1730a0001


FARROW, JosephFounder of the Farrow Mustard and Canning concern a0008
HOOD, Reverend Robert Master of Holbeach Grammar School & Cutate of Guyhirn 1736 - 1811a0008


GEDNEY HILL MILLMy Great Grandfather owned it. Did your Ancestor?a0008
SOUTH HOLLAND, EAST/WEST ELLOELive in the area - happy to share Local Knowledgea0008
WHAPLODE DROVEI have many families from Whaplode Drove a0008


FLORIST SEED MERCHANTInterested in tracing Grandfather's family a0012
METAL WORKERSRobert Ram, George Ringham - Parson Drove & Wisbecha0011
PETERBOROUGH OMNIBUS & CARRIAGE COHorse bus Operator 1896 - 1905a0008
RAILWAY STAFFat the Wisbech stations between 1850 and 1920a0007


a0001Alan Gresley
My Ancestry and Family History
a0002Anna Eaton
a0003Joy Cropper
a0004Pat Pargeter
a0005Kathy Irwin
a0006Gail Mylett
a0007Chris D'Arcy
My Genealogy Home Page
a0008John Bland
The Ancestry of John R G Bland
a0009Greg Thorp
a0010Faith Rawlin-Wilson
a0011Lew Ringham
a0012Marian Songhurst


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