Wiggenhall St. Mary the Virgin, Norfolk


1851 Census

  • Norfolk 1851 Census - Searchable Database on CD-ROM, Published by the LDS
    Please see the Norfolk page on this site for more details. Also available on Microfiche.

1881 Census

  • 1881 Census for Great Britain - Searchable Database, Published by the LDS
    Select the British Census. Excludes Scotland. Also available on CD-ROM and Microfiche.

1891 Census

1901 Census

General Register & Archdeacon's Transcripts (Church of England)
  • Wiggenhall St. Mary the Virgin, General Register - Handwritten Transcripts, Available as a Microfilm copy on LDS Film No. 1546349.

    Apart from the first Register and accompanying typed transcript, the Register for Wiggenhall St. Mary the Virgin can be best described as a haphazard piece of jumble. Most conventions in recording parish records are disregarded. There is no standard Register entry books used prior to 1812, apart from a period from 1783-1794. Because of how the parish records are present, please allow extra time (about double) when checking this Parish. When I last checked this Register, because of how the parish records are organised and the minimal time I had, I was not able to construct a proper order in how the baptisms, burials and marriages are laid out. Because of this, there may be gaps in the time periods that are seen below.

    Item 1 Baptisms, Burials and Marriages, 1558 - 1654
    This register is followed by a type transcription of the Register by J.L.N. (full name unknown ???) in 1953, which appears to be very accurate.
    Item 2 Baptisms & Burials, 1655-1782; Baptisms & Burials, 1795-1803 with Burials continuing to 1809; Marriages, 1669-1783, 1794 & 1663-1666
    This register it very hard to follow since there is no chronology in how the records a laid out. To make it things more dfifficult, some of the entries are upside down, so on some pages, there are entries the right way up along with entries upside down. I advice that instead of pulling the microfilm out to read the upside down part, just used a microfilm reader with a swivel lens.
    Item 3 Marriages, 1784-1794; Baptisms, 1784 - 1792; Burials, 1783-1785
    All these records appear in printed register entries book which I different to the standard format. The introduction of this item gives the time period for all records as 1783-1794, which is wrong.
    Item 4 Baptisms, 1803-1833; Burials 1809-1833
    Item 5 Baptisms, 1813-1944
    Item 6 Baptisms, 1945-1978
    Item 7 Marriages, 1795-1812
    Item 8 Marriages, 1813-1837
    Item 9 Marriages, 1838-1980
    Item 10 Marriage Banns, 1834-1926
    Item 11 Burials, 1813-1970
    Item 12 Churchwardens Account Book, 1810-181?
    Item 13 Churchwardens Account Book, 1844-1879

Archdeacon's Transcripts (Church of England)

  • Archdeacon's Transcripts for the Archdeaconary of Norfolk - Handwritten Transcripts, Available as a Microfilm copy on LDS Film No. 1526745.


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