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The ENG-WISBECH-AREA-L Mailing List is an e-mail list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the town of Wisbech and/or the surrounding villages and parishes lying within 15 miles from Wisbech. Wisbech sits on both sides of the river Nene which forms the Cambridgeshire / Norfolk border and is nine miles south of the Cambridgeshire / Lincolnshire border. The list will focus on the area surrounding Wisbech that lies in these three counties. Additional information can be found on the of this website.

By subscribing to this mailing list, which is free, you will receive e-mails messages from other genealogist and family historians with and interested in Wisbech. Topics of discussions can be similar to those found below:

  • The surnames you are researching
  • The families and individuals of Wisbech
  • Question on places and localities around Wisbech
  • Question on genealogical research for Wisbech
  • Tips on genealogical research for Wisbech

Remember, by contributing to discussions, sharing of ideas and the giving of information, we can all help each other, and at the same time enjoy ourselves.

Please note that by subscribing to this list, you will receive extra spam emails. This is due to spammers email harvesting the email addresses that appear in the Rootsweb archives. Because of this, don't choose an address that you wish to keep.

How to post a message:

To send a message to the Wisbech-Area Genealogy Mailing List, which will be seen by all other List subscribers, please send an e-mail to:

eng-wisbech-area@rootsweb.comSend message

You don't need to be a subscriber to the Eng-Wisbech-Area-L Genealogy Mailing list in order to post a message. If you post a message and you are not a subscriber, please mention in your message that you wish that replies to your postings be sent to your personal e-mail address and not to the List.

You are very welcome to post an introductory message and share your Wisbech surnames and interest with us.

How to subscribe or unsubscribe:

To subscribe or unsubscribe from the mailing list, please send an email to the address shown below, and in the subject of the message type either of the following words: subscribe or unsubscribe Subscribe Unsubscribe

How to search or browse previous messages to the Wisbech Area Mailing List:

Please click here to Search by keywords the archives of the mailing list:

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