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The Wisbech Index

Currently 17858 parish records - Last updated: 5th of May 2004

A Browse-able Index, Compiled and published by Alan Gresley. This index indexes most of the indexes and/or transcripts on this site. Any index that have been added after this index was last updated, will appear below in the Browse-able Indexes, but without a link to this index (ie. TWI) in the far right column.

Wisbech and Fenland Surnames

Currently 6446 entries - Last updated: 12th of May 2004

A Browse-able Index, Compiled and published by Alan Gresley. This index aims to list the majority of Surnames that appear in the Wisbech and Fens area..

Please note that the site submissions have be moved offline to be reformatted and added to. They will be returning soon.

Any index that appears in the Wisbech Index (ie. TWI) has a link to this index in the far right column. Any index without a link has been added after the Wisbech Index was last updated.

Marriages1729-1779*AT49 99 TWI

Marriages1668-1771*AT23 47 TWI

Marriages1725-1812*AT92 188  

Castle Rising
Marriages1736-1818*AT76 154 TWI

Marriages1668-1812*AT96 195 TWI

Marriages1725-1812*AT256 524 TWI

Downham Market
Marriages A-J  K-Y1725-1812*AT705 1436 TWI

Baptisms 1538-1878622622? TWI
Burials1538-1875545545? TWI
Monumental Inscriptions 15th - 20th Century2626 TWI

Marriages1599-1852224 530 TWI
Baptisms 1632-1897845845? TWI
Burials1632-1897711711? TWI
Census 1841423423? TWI

List of Persons 1798142142 TWI

Lynn St. Margaret
Marriages1667-1670, 1675-1677 & 1706-1710*AT343 696 TWI

Marriages1670-1771*AT29 58 TWI

Census 18912000?2000?

North Runcton
Marriages1740-1812*AT155 311 TWI

Marriages1725-1812*AT413 838 TWI
Baptisms 1725-1812*AT198203 TWI
Burials1725-1812*AT157 159 TWI

Riston cum Roxham
Marriages1725-1812*AT22 46  

Runcton Holme & Wallington
Marriages1725-1812*AT170 346  

South Lynn
Marriages1746-1748, 1761-1774 & 1776-1800*AT192 387  

Southery (South Ferry)
Marriages1725-1812*AT144 292 TWI

Stow Bardolph
Marriages1725-1812*AT232 472 TWI

Sutton St. Edmund
Marriages A-F  G-O  P-Y1706-1892*732 1503 TWI

Terrington St. Clement
Marriages A-C  D-K  L-R  S-Y1671-1830*1271 2693 TWI
Baptisms 1671-1848421421 TWI
Burials1671-1812 & 1846-1931422 423 TWI

Terrington St. John
Marriages1706-1812*AT220 445 TWI

Thorney (Church of England)
Baptisms 1653-1800837837? TWI

Tilney All Saints
Marriages1706-1812*AT225 464 TWI

Tilney cum Islington
Marriages1668-1812*AT101 203 TWI

Tilney St. Lawrence
Marriages1707-1727*AT & 1750-1812*AT129 264 TWI

Marriages A-F  G-O  P-Y1725-1812*AT 10932233

Wallington (See Runcton Holme & Wallington)

Walpole St. Andrew
Marriages1654-1823* & 1824-1894329 665 TWI
Baptisms 1655-1966 (1771-1800*)337337? TWI
Burials1655-1969 (1772-1800*)197 197? TWI

Walpole St. Peter
Marriages1704-1812*AT416 868 TWI
Baptisms 1601-1812101101? TWI
Burials1602-1812125125? TWI

Marriages1668-1812*AT501 1002? TWI
Baptisms 1668-1812 (1770-1800*AT)325332 TWI
Burials1668-1812 (1770-1800*AT)411 415? TWI


West Lynn
Marriages1730-1812*AT123248 TWI

West Walton
Marriages1662-1835 (1740-1812*AT)279 573 TWI
Baptisms 1602-1863274274? TWI
Burials1602-1812159159? TWI

Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen
Marriages1706-1812*AT128265 TWI

Wiggenhall St. Mary the Virgin
Marriages1669-1822*287587 TWI

Wiggenhall St. Peter
Marriages1750-1812*AT2856 TWI

Wisbech St. Mary
Marriages1744-18033061 TWI
Baptisms 1755-18128989? TWI
Burials1731-18125959? TWI

Wisbech St. Peter
Marriages A-L  M-Y1562-18277691571 TWI
Baptisms A-L  M-Y 1559-183018181869 TWI

Total 21330?32052?  

Alphabetical Order

The indexes appearing on this website are filed in strict alphabetical order by both Surname and First Names, so when checking the indexes, keep this in mind. Where a question mark "?" is used to denote an unknown letter or name, the alphabetical sorting will put these "?" at the beginning of the A to Z sequence. Where no letter or symbol appears in a space for a name, the alphabetical sorting will put these blank spaces at the end of the A to Z sequence.


Most of the records transcribed have been recorded as they appeared on the microfilm copy of the records, because of this, if you are searching for a particular first name, also check to see if it is abbreviated.


Also check to see if the first name has been spelt in Latin, and example is William = Gulielmus.

Question Marks

I have used question marks in two ways, the first is to denote an un-transcribed letter. The second is where I have doubt in what is the actual name, in which case there is a space between the letters of the name and the question mark.

Old & New Style Calendars

Most of the dates (especially those that I have personally transcribed) have been recorded as they appear on the microfilm of the parish records, so take note that dates that are pre 1752 have been rendered old style. When you see in the indexes, say 1732, you will have to check the parish record from the 25th of March 1732 to the 24th of March of the following year. Please click here for an explanation, (after viewing the page, use your browser's back button to return to this page).

Transcription Process

All records have been either transcribed straight from microfilm onto computer or transcribed from microfilm onto hand written notes, and then copied to computer.

Possible Errors

Every attempt is made to transcribe correctly all names appearing in these indexes. Also every attempt is made to enter the data as accurately as possible. No responsibility will be taken by myself for any errors that occurred, either in the transcribing of parish records or the data entry onto computer. Please remember that this index is based on transcriptions that have not been independently checked. The Indexes are considered as a guide only, so it is recommended that the original record (or microfilmed copy of the original record) should always be checked.

Good Luck

I hope all researchers find great benefit and assistance with these indexes. Happy hunting!


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