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This is a collection of family trees which I have prepared from information from various genealogical sources. The family trees which have the symbol 1 in the left column feature my ancestors. 

I would welcome any additional information regarding the families and individuals contained in these family trees. 

The Primary Index is an index of all the family trees appearing in this website. The Secondary Index features surnames of individuals or families that appear in the family trees, but are not found in the primary index. Please note that you will have to search the family tree to find the surnames that are in the Secondary Index, since they are not book marked. 

To return to this page after viewing a family tree, you can either use the large arrow to return to the top of this page or you can to use the back button on your internet browser so you can return to a specific point in the family tree index below. There is a different way of navigation appearing in my new presentation of family trees. Please refer to the next paragraph.

I have started presenting the family trees in a different format. Instead on being on a white page as as I have previously presented them, they are now appearing on a page simular to this one, with the banner and links up the top. These new presentations are denoted by a "+" in the first column of the list of family trees below. A benifit for site visitors is that they can now print out the familly tree in full. To print a family tree, highlight (select) the family tree from it's title to where my name appears, then go Print in the File menu, and selecting "selection" in the Page Range in the Print Manager.

Last Updated: 8th of March 2005

Key to understanding the family trees
Secondary Index of Surnames found in the Family Trees


Primary Index of 132 Family Trees
1 Alexander A Scotland & Geelong
Amos Wisbech
Anderson Wisbech
Aveling Wisbech
Beetham Halifax
Blackborn 001 Wisbech
Blackborn 002 Wisbech
Boggers A Wisbech
1 Brown(e) Ireland, Liverpool & Sydney
Bruce Wisbech
Burgess A Manchester, Halifix & Birmingham
1 Cardiff Ireland
Catling Wisbech
Claypole Wisbech
Cooper A Wisbech
Curtis 001 London & New Zealand
1 Davi(e)s Hereford
Delaney Goulburn & Queanbeyan, NSW
1 Diehl Frankfurt, Chesterfield & South Shields
Diggle A Wisbech
Diggle ABC Wisbech
Diggle ABH Wisbech
Dornale Wisbech
Faulkner Wisbech
Fletcher Wisbech
Florn or Thorn Wisbech
Forth Wisbech
+ Foster A Updated Wisbech
+ Foster AIA Reformated Wisbech
+ Foster 001 Reformated Wisbech
1 Frusher A Wisbech
Frusher ABCD Wisbech & United States
1 Frusher ABF Wisbech
Frusher ABFD Wisbech
1 Frusher ABFF Wisbech
Frusher ABFFD Wisbech & London
Frusher ABFFDD Wisbech & Victoria
Frusher ABFFE Wisbech
Frusher ABFIA Wisbech & London
Frusher ABHA Wisbech
Frusher ABHABF Wisbech
Frusher B Wisbech
Frusher BDA Wisbech
1 Glanville A Plymouth & Bristol
Goddard Wisbech
Grant Strathspey & Geelong
1 Greasley A Derby - Nottingham
Greasley ABAA Derby - Nottingham
1 Greasley ABAK Derby - Nottingham
1 Greenwood A Halifax
1 Griffiths Wisbech
Heaney Dublin, Liverpool & Sydney
1 Heness A Bristol
1 Heness ABG Bristol & Sydney
1 Heness ABGC Sydney & NSW
Heness ABHA Bristol, London & Australia
Heness AC Bristol & NSW
Heness ACF NSW
Heness ACH NSW
1 Hodgkinson Derby & Nottingham
Hodson Wisbech
Hous(e)hold Wisbech
Howell Wisbech
1 Hunter North Shields & South Shields
Ingram A Wisbech
Jecks Wisbech & NFK
1 Kirk(e) Derby - Nottingham
1 Lavender Wisbech
Lines A Wisbech
Lines B Wisbech
Lines BC Wisbech
+ 2 Luckman A  New Birmingham, WAR & Tasmania
+ 2 Luckman AAH  New Tasmania & Sydney
+ Luckman 001  New Birmingham, WAR
Lynch Goulburn, NSW
1 Mackerill A Halifax
1 Mackerill AAGA Halifax
1 Markham A Wisbech
Markham 001 Wisbech
1 Marshall A Wisbech
Marshall B Wisbech
Marshall C Wisbech
Marshall CJ & D Wisbech
Marshall E Wisbech
Marshall H Wisbech
Marshall 031 Wisbech
Marshall 032 Wisbech
Marshall 071 Wisbech
Marwick A Wisbech
McNaughton A Inverness & Geelong
Mealey South Shield
1 Meller A Droitwich & Queenland
1 Meller AAC Droitwich & NSW
Metcalf Wisbech
Moyse Wisbech
1 Munro A Inverness
Neale A Wisbech
Neale AAE Wisbech
Neale 002 Wisbech
Newsham A Wisbech
Newsham B Wisbech, Australia & New Zealand
Newsham BF Wisbech & New Zealand
Newsham 001 Wisbech
Newsham 002 Wisbech
Newsham 010 Wisbech
1 Ostler A Wisbech
1 Ostler AD Wisbech
1 Ostler ADE Wisbech & Melbourne
Payne Wisbech
Row Wisbech
Sands South Shield
1 Smith A Derby - Nottingham
1 Stenson Derby - Nottingham
1 Stevens Derby - Nottingham
1 Stevison Derby - Nottingham
Suckling Wisbech
1 Taylor Newcastle upon Tyne, Chester le Street & Sydney
Terrington 001 Wisbech
Thorn or Florn Wisbech
1 Tive(y) Wisbech
1 Toomey Ballincollig & NSW
Tyson A Wisbech
+ 2 Unknown 001  New Birmingham, WAR & Tasmania
Waite Wisbech
Wakelin Wisbech
Wallett Wisbech
Wallett 001 Wisbech
Ward A Norfolk & Melbourne
Ward B Wisbech
Ward E Wisbech
1 Watson Beamish & Newcastle upon Tyne
Watson C Wisbech
1 Wilson Wisbech
Yates A Wisbech
Yates B Wisbech
Yates 001 Wisbech
New A completely new family tree
Updated A family tree with information added or altered, presumanly more correct
Corrected A family tree that had errors in the information, ei. typo errors
Reformated A family tree that has been split apart to make two family tree or simular


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