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Baedeker Guide Books for Palestine and Syria

Column 1 has Hinrichsen numbers which are also links to the website Baedeker Datenbank und Kenner-Referenz, each link goes to an individual edition page.
Column 2 has the year of publication.
Column 3 has the edition number.
Column 4 has the page and prefix numbers (not currently showing for all titles).
Coulmn 5 has the number of maps and plans each edition has.
Column 6 has other notes about the edition.

E254 1876 1st With 18 maps, 43 plans, and a panorama of Jerusalem
E255 1894 2nd
E256 1898 3rd With 20 maps, 48 plans, and a Panorama of Jerusalem
This edition followed the lawsuit brought by Mr Howard against Baedekers about disparaging remarks in the previous edition which resulted in the elimination of Howard's Hotels from the list of hotels in Jaffa and Jerusalem in the present edition
PALESTINE AND SYRIA (with the chief routes Through Mesopotamia and Babylonia)
E257 1906 4th With 20 maps, 52 plans, and a Panorama of Jerusalem
PALESTINE AND SYRIA (with Routes Through Mesopotamia and Babylonia and the Island of Cyprus)
E258 1912 5th With 21 maps, 56 plans, and a Panorama of Jerusalem
including the principal routes through Mesopotamia and Babylonia

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