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Baedeker Guide Books for Greece

Column 1 has Hinrichsen numbers which are also links to the website Baedeker Datenbank und Kenner-Referenz, each link goes to an individual edition page.
Column 2 has the year of publication.
Column 3 has the edition number.
Column 4 has the page and prefix numbers (not currently showing for all titles).
Coulmn 5 has the number of maps and plans each edition has.
Column 6 has other notes about the edition.

GREECE (the Greek Island, and an Excursion to Crete)
E234 1889 1st With 6 maps, 14 plans?
E235 1894 2nd With 8 maps, 15 plans, and a panorama of Athens
E236 1905 3rd With 11 maps, 25 plans, and a panorama of Athens
E237 1909 4th With 16 maps, 80 plans, 2 diagrams and a panorama of Athens
? 1896 1st With 1 maps, 1 plans A reprint of the relevant bits of Greece 2nd ed, published for the Olympic games

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