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Baedeker Guide Books for Egypt

Column 1 has Hinrichsen numbers which are also links to the website Baedeker Datenbank und Kenner-Referenz, each link goes to an individual edition page.
Column 2 has the year of publication.
Column 3 has the edition number.
Column 4 has the page and prefix numbers (not currently showing for all titles).
Coulmn 5 has the number of maps and plans each edition has.
Column 6 has other notes about the edition.

EGYPT First Part (Lower Egypt, with the Fayum and the Peninsula of Sinai)
E245 1878 1st With 16 maps, 29 plans, 7 views, and 76 vignettes
E246 1885 2nd With 16 maps, 30 plans, 7 views, and 76 vignettes
EGYPT Second Part (Upper Egypt, with Nubia as far as the second cataract and the western oases)
E247 1892 1st With 11 maps and 26 plans
EGYPT First Part (Lower Egypt and the Peninsula of Sinai)
E248 1895 3rd With 14 maps, 33 plans. 7 views, and 76 vignettes
E249 1898 4th With 22 maps, 55 plans, and 66 views and vignettes
E250 1902 5th With 23 maps, 66 plans, and 59 vignettes
EGYPT AND THE SUDAN (Lower and Upper Egypt, Lower and Upper Nubia and the Sudan)
E251 1908 6th With 24 maps, 76 plans, and 57 vignettes
E252 1914 7th With 22 maps, 85 plans, and 55 vignettes
E253 1929 8th With 106 maps and plans, and 56 woodcuts

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