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Baedeker Guide Books for America

Column 1 has Hinrichsen numbers which are also links to the website Baedeker Datenbank und Kenner-Referenz, each link goes to an individual edition page.
Column 2 has the year of publication.
Column 3 has the edition number.
Column 4 has the page and prefix numbers (not currently showing for all titles).
Coulmn 5 has the number of maps and plans each edition has.
Column 6 has other notes about the edition.

UNITED STATES (with excursions into Mexico)
E259 1893 1st with 17 maps and 22 plans
E260 1899 2nd with 19 maps and 24 plans
UNITED STATES (with excursions to Mexico, Cuba, Porto Rico and Alaska)
E261 1904 3rd with 25 maps and 35 plans
E262 1909 4th with 33 maps and 48 plans
The Dominion of Canada with Newfoundland and an Excursion to Alaska
E263 1894 1st With 10 maps and 7 plans
E264 1900 2nd With 10 maps and 7 plans
E265 1907 3rd With 13 Maps and 12 Plans
E266 1922 4th With 14 maps and 12 plans

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