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Webmaster: From some of the comment appearing, I will have to have this site translated into Spanish and other languages. It's gaining a worldwide audience. I plan on putting maps, for other places in Europe, Any help in the translation would be appreciated. Thank you. I hope this translates correct.

El webmaster: De la parte del comentario que aparece, tendré que tener este sitio tradujo a español y otros idiomas. Gana una audiencia mundial. Planeo a poner mapas, para otros lugares en Europa, Cualquier ayuda en la traducción sería apreciada. Gracias. Espero que esto traduzca correcto.

The troubles with this guestbook over the last few year has been overcome. It now employs the use of a form that is spam proof. Now I don't have to search for the one message out of 3,000 messages that arrives at my inbox every month. This is usually the time it takes to get completely full.

Last Updated: 11th November, 2005

Name: Graham Scott graham.scott7 at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 5th of December, 2006

State or County: Hertfordshire

Country: England

Comment: Very good site I found the map really useful and will use the guide to streets again.

Name: Matilde misilagata at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 24th of January, 2006

State or County: Madrid

Country: Spain

Comment: Excuse my poor language, English is not my mother language. I love your page, and have send links to many friends.

Name: Ramon Garcia Olmedo rgolmedo at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 24th of January, 2006

Country: España (Spain)

Comment: Ha sido una maravillosa sorpresa encontrar esta página. Mi felicitación para los promotores de esta buena idea.

English Translation: It has been a marvelous surprise to find this page. My congratulations for the developers of this good idea.

Name: James Graham jagraham at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 9th of February, 2006

State or County: British Columbia

Country: Canada

Comment: While going through some family heirlooms, I came across a tourist book entitled " Views of the Dukeries, Sherwood Forest and Worksop" published by Sissons & Sons. It is filled with black and white photo plates in foldout form. I would guess its age at 1900-1905.

Does anyone know anything about it? Does it interest anyone?

Name: Peter Holttum holttum at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 24th of January, 2006

State or County: Dorset

Country: UK

Comment: I have found these Baedeker in my late fathers effects, all with maps. Your site is very interesting.
Russland, 1904
Austria, 1900 including Hungary Transylvania Dalmatia and Bosnia
United States, 1909

Name: Nancy Curry nancurry at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 19th of January, 2006

State or County: Georgia

Country: USA

Comment: I'm sure your lovely maps are protected, so that they cannot be printed out, but I wonder if someone could advise me as to buying these old maps. I am especially interested in street maps of Birmingham, both Central and regional.

Thanks for any help.

Name: Reiner Jaakson reiner.jaakson at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 10th of July, 2005

State or County: Ontario

Country: Canada

Comment: I have just retired from 33 years of university teaching. My research area was tourism, geography, and urban and environmental planning related to tourism. I'm now doing some research on how travel guide books have changed over the last hundred years, and indeed how tourism itself has changed and how this may be reflected in the evolution of travel guide books. If you compare an old Baedeker with a contemporary travel guide book, the contrast is quite striking. Any ideas and suggestions for research and writing on this theme would be most welcome! Furthermore, has anyone else also used an old "outdated" Baedeker as a guide during a trip, instead of the most recent contemporary publication? You have a very different travel experience when you try to match the present scene to the template of the past as shown in an old Baedeker.

Name: Maurice Rhodes maurice_rhodes at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 12th of June, 2005

State or County: British Columbia

Country: Canada

Comment: I was steered to this site by a distant relative in England. The map for Gloucester was very useful for identifying where some of my ancestors lived and worked.

Name: Philip Blandy prblandy at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 18th of April, 2005

State or County: Kent

Country: England

Comment: I started collecting guide books 6 years ago, quite by accident. I came across a very interesting red book, called a Baedeker, Belgium and Holland 1885, for £5 at Epsom race course antiques fair, so by chance, I started collecting Baedekers and all other pre 1945 guide books which now totals over 1000. I will engage in any proposal of exchange for Baedekers complete or incomplete (to insert missing maps to make complete copies) also any Murray, Coghlan, Appleton, Cook, Blacks, etc.

Name: Norman McKnight philoxenia at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 5th of March, 2005

State or County: California

Country: USA

Comment: I acquired a beautiful Baedeker Griechenland, then I looked for Baedeker Russia 1914 to make it easy to identify my collection of pre 1917 post-cards of Orthodox churches and monasteries. I did find 22 volumes of Baedekers including Russia, and half of them in their original dust jackets! I am now a collector of Baedekers without having in-tended to be one. They are an incredibly detailed resource for historical information. Many thanks for your website. I bought the above mentioned collection for about 30.00 US a piece!
Norman McKnight, Philoxenia Press, Berkeley CA US.

Name: Michele R. romagimg at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 21st of February, 2005

State or County: QC

Country: Canada

Comment: I have only one of them of a 1913 edition and I am always looking for the value of these old guides. I will try to find more of the same area: Italy.

Name: Jonathan Hipkiss jonathan at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 18th of February, 2005

State or County: Notts

Country: UK

Comment: An excellent site. One that I'm trying to emulate at Hipkiss' Old Scanned Maps, but not just Baedeker's books, but also other travel guides. I'll scan basically any map!

Webmaster: Thank you Jonathan. The link is Hipkiss' Old Scanned Maps

Name: Henrique Espada henrique.espada at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 7th of February, 2005

State or County: Santa Catarina

Country: Brazil

Comment: I love and collect old Baedeker's guides. I am always looking for any
information on them. Thank you for the idea.

Name: Adam adamandlopa at.jpg (795 bytes)

Date: 19th of November, 2004

State or County: London

Country: UK

Comment: A very worthy enterprise...well done! I have been collecting these guidebooks for years, and have always admired the cartography. Please keep scanning!

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