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Photo Album

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James Stevens Gresley (port).jpg (48659 bytes)
James Gre(a)sley

percy_gresley2.jpg (40621 bytes)
Percy Gresley

frank&winifred_gresley(wed).jpg (59164 bytes)
Frank Gresley & wife
Winifred (nee Meller)

gresley_emma.jpg (48080 bytes)
Emma Gresley

gresley_alice.jpg (53640 bytes)
Alice Gresley

gresley_rosalind.jpg (61456 bytes)
Rosaland Gresley



Joseph Ostler (alias C. Frusher Howard).jpg (80832 bytes)
Joseph Ostler

ostler_woman.jpg (39637 bytes)
Susannah Burgess Ostler ? &
Mary Ostler (nee Stone) ?



william&susannah_burgess1b.jpg (78980 bytes)
William Burgess
& wife Susannah
(nee Mackerill)

ann_mackerill_1b.jpg (71538 bytes)
Ann Mackerill
(nee Greenwood)

John&ann_mackerill_1b.jpg (74707 bytes)
John Mackerill
& wife Ann
(nee Greenwood)

ann_mackerill_2b.jpg (75504 bytes)
Ann Mackerill
(nee Greenwood)



herbert_meller_2.jpg (36058 bytes)
Herbert William Meller

unknown_meller.jpg (67466 bytes)
Martin Howard Meller ?

unknown_meller2.jpg (36653 bytes)
? Meller ?

meller_family2.jpg (98586 bytes)
Meller family; Back Row: Norman, Herbert (Snr),
Isabella (Auny Dolly), Ellen, Herbert (Jnr),
 Douglas; Front Row: Allan & Wallace (baby)

ellen_meller.jpg (48564 bytes)
Ellen Meller
(nee Alexander)

meller_armygroup.jpg (81022 bytes)
Possibly connected with Wallace Meller's
service in Europe during WWI

meller_woman.jpg (66408 bytes)
Bertha Simmons (nee
Meller), Agnes Meller
(nee Fitzgibbons)
Winifred Gresley (nee
Meller) & Isabella
(Aunt Dolly)
Quinn (nee Meller) 

herbert_meller_1.jpg (41933 bytes)
Herbert William Meller

soldier_meller.jpg (33500 bytes)
Wallace Richard Meller
(Killed in action,
in France, 1917)



alexander_james2.jpg (102207 bytes)
ames Alexander
(The Australian

alexander_cornerstore.jpg (57469 bytes)
Possibly the building that housed the store that
Alexander Alexander ran from 1850-1863



heness_family1b.jpg (87253 bytes)
Heness family; back row: Winifred, Thomas
Brassil (Effie's husband), Effie, Francis, Mary
Jane (nee Brown). Front row: Vivien, George
Glanvill, Roy Glanvill

roy_heness.jpg (43815 bytes)
Roy Galnvill Heness

katrina_taylor.jpg (28012 bytes)
Katrina Elizabeth Taylor

roy&katrina_heness(wed2).jpg (80687 bytes)
Robert Adamson & his wide Phoebe (nee
Taylor), Roy Heness & his wife Katrina
(nee Taylor) & James Charles Taylor

roy&katrina_heness(wed).jpg (48982 bytes)
Roy Heness & his wife
Katrina (nee Taylor)


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