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This page gives a brief outline of the families that I am researching. The surnames appearing below are those that I assume are part of both my wife's and my ancestry and records relating to them seem to support this assumption. The surnames appearing in blue are those that I believe could be part of my ancestry, but with no evidence to suupport this assumption. 

My Interest

Alexander Elgin, MOR or Alyth, PER, Scotland Geelong, VIC
Bell Newcastle upon Tyne & Byker, NML, England  
Biggs Langford (near Berrington & Churchill), SOM, England
Brown(e) COR, Ireland Sydney, NSW
Dublin, DBL, Ireland
Liverpool, LAN, England
Cardiff Dublin, DBL & WIC  
Dav(e)y Arnold & Nottingham, NTT, England
Davis Hereford, HEF & Droitwich, WOR, England
Diehl Hamburg on Maine, Hessen Nassau, Germany
Chesterfield, DBY, England
South Shield, DUR, England
Dunn Plymouth, DEV, England ?
Frazer Strathspey & Inverness, INV, Scotland
Frusher Outwell, Emneth & Walsoken, NFK, England
Glanvill(e) Plymouth, DEV and Bristol, GLS, England
Gre(a)sley Stapleford, NTT, England Albert Park, VIC, NSW
Derby & Sandiacre, DBY, England North Sydney, NSW
Greenwood Halifax, YKS, England  
Griffiths West Walton (near Wisbech), NFK, England
Heness Bristol & Clifton, GLS, England Sydney, NSW
Helliwell Halifax, YKS, England  
Hodgkinson Crich, DBY, England
Howes Elm, CAM, England
Hunter South Shield, DUR, England
Kirk(e) Stapleford, NTT, England
Mackerill Halifax, YKS, England
Lavender Terrington St. Clement, NFK, England
Markham Terrington St. Clement, West Winch & Walsoken, NFK, England
Sutton St. Edmund, LIN, England
Marshall Elm, CAM & Emneth, NFK, England
May Plymouth, DEV, England
Meller Droitwich, WOR, England Gympie, QLD
Harden, Hornsby & North Sydney, NSW
Munro Strathspey & Inverness, INV, Scotland  
Murphy Ballincolig (near Cork City), COR, Ireland
Oldfield Halifax, YKS, England
Ostler Walsoken & West Walton, NFK, England Brighton & Moorabin, VIC
Halifax & Huddersfield, YKS, England
Riley Halifax, YKS, England  
Shepherd Halifax, YKS, England
Smith Nottingham, NTT, England
Spriddle Maker, CON, England
Stenson Spondon, DBY, England
Stevens Stanley, DBY, England
Stevison Stapleford, NTT, England
Taylor Chester le Street, DUR, England Sydney, NSW
Newcastle upon Tyne, NML, England
Tive(y) Elm, CAM & Emneth, NFK, England  
Toomey Ballincolig (near Cork), COR, Ireland Sydney & Windsor, NSW
Watson Beamish, DUR, England  
Newcastle upon Tyne & Byker, NML, England
Wilson Terrington St. Clement, NFK, England


My Wife's Interest

Burton   Tasmania
Bush   Tenterfield, NSW
Davis   Tasmania
Grace Kilkenney & Dublin, Ireland Tasmania
Harris   Tasmania
Harrison   Tenterfield, NSW
L'Estrange   Tasmania
Luckman Birmingham, England Tasmania
Meddlecot   Tasmania
Murphy   Bathurst, NSW
Nichols   Tasmania
Patrick   Tasmania
Pritchard   Tenterfield, NSW
Russell   Tenterfield, NSW
Stephens Kent, England Tasmania
Taylor ? Cheshire, England  
Weate Cheshire & Derby, England  
Whelan Tipperary, Ireland Geelong, VIC



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