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My Ancestry and Family History pages

My name is Alan Gresley and I was born near Sydney, Australia in 1967. I first became interested in my ancestry during my late teenage years, as a result of my father who was busily researching various branches of his own ancestry. I have a mix of English, Scottish, Irish and Germanic ancestry, which has made family history research very interesting.

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Family Trees
Updated: 27th of May 2004

Photo Album


These pages, which have been on the internet since the 19th of November 2001 are my main avenue for sharing research which has been done by myself or others. When researching genealogy, you happen to gain many cousins who I have most trouble in corresponding to. The Interest page give a brief outline of all the surnames that I am researching. The Pedigree pages displays my ancestry over 7 interconnected pedigree charts. There are over 100 pages of interconnected Family Trees that feature all my ancestry from my grandparents up. The Photo Album page is very much incomplete at this stage. I have two Biographies at present on James Alexander (The Australian Blondin) and Joseph Ostler. You can Contact me using an address found on this page. I would welcome any information. Good Luck with your own research.


Other Websites

Please visit
contueor, which is the main or home page for my websites. It has links to my various sites including:

  • genea-logos, which gives an assortment of genealogical facts, advice and links.

  • Baedeker's Old Guide Books, featuring maps of towns in Great Britain, Spain and Portugal.

  • Wisbech and the Fenlands, the place my ancestor, Joseph Ostler came from 



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